Why do I need a website if I have social media?

Forty-two percent of small business admit they don’t use both a robust website and social media channel, and 43% say they have no plans to change or improve their online presence.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who overlook the value of a strong online presence usually do so because they are satisfied with a social media profile, lack technical skills, or just don’t have the time or resources to get it done.

If your business is on social media but has yet to get a website, consider the analogy of sleeping in a car rather than having a true roof over your head.

Social media is your digital vehicle and the website is your digital home. Most people will know you by your vehicle, while few may actually know where you live. It’s because we take our vehicles in high trafficked areas, often traveling the same roads every day. So much so that people get used to seeing, know us, and might even honk the horn. But how often does a person say, “I want to follow them home and see what it looks like?” Probably not often, which in the literal sense is a great thing. But when we’re talking about your business’ online presence that’s not a good thing at all. Your social media (vehicle) ought to drive folks to your website (home) so you can close a sale and gain a new client.

There’s value to utilizing social media and a website to unlock your business’ potential as social media is a free to low-cost marketing service, proves your business exists, is a lead generator and allows you to look at impact and measure results.

Understanding the value of social media is much easier than a website, mostly because of the cost. But having a website can’t be ignored as the two ought to work hand-in-hand.

Websites are not just online brochures, they are a direct reflection of your business that prove its credibility, prove you are an expert (blog content), and offer quality service (client testimonials).

It’s important to bridge the gap between your social media and website efforts. It’s no secret people Google before they shop and when they’re on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, they are NOT looking to be directed to a social media page. In other words, if I ask my buddy to tell me where he lives I don’t expect him to tell me to catch him in the fast lane. Give me the place where I can truly see who you are – your address (website address).

Having a social media presence is important, yes! But you don’t want to be the coolest looking homeless guy the world has seen. So let’s buy a house (website).

A website is extremely important and as a small business with a small marketing budget, it’s important you have the best chance at establishing a low-cost and high-quality website. If you fit that category it’s time you contact Key Marketing Solutions to unlock your business’ potential and get a website. Visit www.patienceiskey.co for more information.

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