#1 reason Millennials are leaving their jobs

65% of employed Millennials admit they are willing to quit at any time, according to The Millennial Solution.

So the question is, what can you do to attract, retain and develop the country's largest generation?

First step is to contact Key Marketing Solutions to develop strategies for growth and working with this generation.

And second, believe me when I tell you you the number one reason Millennials quit is because they don't have BUY IN!

"There’s not a lot that can get in the way of a Millennial motivated by something or someone they truly believe in. They are inspired and empowered to advocate for you and your company to their world-- bringing you brand awareness, better job candidates and new clients," says Gabrielle Bosché with The Millennial Solution.

So the final question is: How do you increase Millennial buy-in organizationally?

1) Clearly define your Purpose/Mission

What’s your mission statement? Not the mission statement on your website, but the actual mission you complete every day. What’s your company’s purpose? You need to know and they need to know it and believe in it. If your team doesn't truly understand - even worse believe - how their work accomplishes its corporate mission, you will never have Millennial buy-in.

2) Allow Flexibility

Flexibility is not laziness, lack of work or work ethic. Flexibility is the ability to adapt and accommodate to create opportunities that enhance creativity and productivity. It is the willingness to innovate, grow and think differently.

It's time to stop thinking of engaging your team as a Human Resources initiative. It’s not.

Yes, human resources is the department that deals with the hiring, administration and training of personnel; but HR does not create innovation, interest or new information.

This whole flexibility initiative will never fit the policy of HR, but consider it Internal Marketing. Internal Marketing is the ongoing process within a company that motivates and empowers employees to consistently deliver.

3) Project and Provide Leadership Opportunities – welcome Hope

A Millennial should understand that their job today will not be their job forever. Remind them of the exciting potential opportunities to grow and advance in the short term. If your Millennial expresses obvious potential to lead and grow in leadership, ensure buy-in faster by having regular conversations about their future at your company. Give them hope!

Think of this analogy: A puzzle’s strength isn’t the cute picture, but the fact that each individual piece is different and because each is different they are able to lock together and create the picture. If the pieces aren’t different and can’t lock, we’ll never get to see the cute picture.

Every piece of the puzzle has something on it that contributes to the full picture. The same applies for your employees, young or old. Just because it’s the last piece, the newest piece, youngest piece doesn’t mean it doesn’t add to the picture. You’re millennial employees aren’t any different, they’re wired differently because of technology dependency, but it does not mean they can’t contribute to your company.

Remember it's not HR, it's Internal Marketing. “Internal marketing works in sports, why can’t it work for your team?” We laugh and joke about how Millennials got participation awards, but we miss the key thing is that the being encouraged to be a part of something kept the kid on the team and made them want to come back next year. We call that retention. But watch this, we also see recruitment with it because now other kids see the hardware and want some too.

Your Internal Marketing strategy should always aim to challenge your employees to change or disrupt something (for positive) in the company and/or industry.

Allow them to communicate, help them develop the conversation and hold them accountable for the change.

*Article contributed in part by The Millennial Solution

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