Marketing Strategy must begin with Customer Service

If it’s understood that Word-of-Mouth is the most powerful marketing tool businesses have, isn’t it only right for a company’s marketing strategy to begin with Customer Service? By providing high quality service your customers will be more likely to talk about the services and recommend the services based on the experience they’ve had.

Studies have found that Word-of-Mouth is the most trusted form of marketing as it is trusted by more than 85 percent of consumers. Now that society is so technology driven that trust remains as it has only given consumers an extra tool to research a product/service before making a purchase as 90 percent of consumers search for reviews before purchasing. In digital marketing, it’s referred to as User Generated Content, and it works the same as Word-of-Mouth. You need your consumers talking in person about your great services or products, and you also need them typing great things as well.

The best marketing strategy has to start with customer service. Quality customer service establishes brand loyalty for customer retention and creates an opportunity for Word-of-Mouth marketing for new customer acquisition or referral.

So, the question is: what exactly is customer service? Customer Service is the way a company facilitates and addresses a consumer’s needs through proactive, active and reactive behavior. It’s the how-and-what you do and say before, during and after you’ve attempted to meet the needs of the customer.

You can have the latest and greatest zero-turn mower for your lawn care service, but if you never cut the areas the client need trimmed most, then your service isn’t quality. Or if you’ve cut those areas but failed to communicate the time you’ll arrive to cut the grass, again your service isn’t quality.

You can be the biggest digital and web development company in the world and able to design the most unique and appealing external sites, but you aren’t inputting the proper SEO techniques such as Keywords, Favicons, Image titles, page titles, and etc., then you aren’t offering quality service.

Customer Service is doing things the customer doesn’t know makes a difference. When your business does that, the customer will understand the value of what you do and want to share the now mind-blowing experience.

That’s when you’ll start getting client testimonials even when you don’t expect it. That’s when you’ll be able to see the full power of Word-of-Mouth marketing. That’s a Key Marketing Solution and that’s how you Unlock your Business’ Potential.

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